Gynaecology: Cycle Problems

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special-patientJuli has attended various seminars with Bob Flaws – a leading US Chinese Medicine specialist in gynaecology, and sees women from early teens right through to menapausal age.

Acupuncture diagnosis can often explain why cycle problems occur. We live within busy routines which often lead to imbalances within our gynaecological health. Juli will listen to you and investigate why you are having difficulty from a Chinese perspective. Working on her findings, she will try her best to relieve your problems and will aim to promote and establish regular, pain-free cycles.

Having suffered herself with painful period cramps in her teens, Juli is keen to provide pain relief for monthly cramps, lower back pain and endometriosis. In an Acupuncture treatment, fine needles are gently inserted, improving blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and therefore, circulating oxygen more efficiently around the body. This stimulates the release of pain-relieving beta-endorphins and generally relaxes the body, bringing back balance and relieving pain.

She is often consulted by women suffering with peri-menopausal issues such as poor sleep, frustration, panic attacks, and those struggling with menapausal heat and flushes, anxiety and night sweats. Acupuncture can provide relieve and lessen the stress of this important time in a woman’s journey.

Because of Acupuncture’s holistic view, it is more specific for each patient’s needs than Western medicine. For example, three women may come into a clinic with hot flushes, but each of these women’s hot flushes is accompanied by a variety of different signs and symptoms, no two of which are exactly alike. Instead of each women getting the same hormone replacement therapy, each of these women will receive an individually tailored treatment plan with different acupuncture points.

A thought provoking article Juli recommends is “Topics in Gynaecology, Part One, Menopause by Jane Lyttleton,” Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM), No. 33, May 1990. She suggests that social and cultural factors may influence a woman’s experience of the menopause. She explains:

“Stereotypes are powerful tools which could mould the social reality of individuals (…) the Lugbara women in Uganda (…) gain status after menopause say they experience no menopausal symptoms. The Indian women of Mexico become heads of their married sons’ families and households when they reach the menopause and sail through without a hiccup.”

Menapausal Hot Flushes and Sleep Difficulties

When I first went for Acupuncture, I was having hot flushes and waking at night every couple of hours, throwing the covers off and then getting cold. It was so tiresome. Now I don’t have any flushes or sweats and my sleep is much improved. I also had some pain in my elbow, which Juli treated and that is fine now as well!

Sandra, Derbyshire

Acupuncture treatment has been very successful for me. I had 4 weekly sessions, 4 fortnightly, followed by monthly maintenance. It’s important that I feel comfortable and therapist Juli is friendly, empathetic and totally professional and I thoroughly recommend her.

Jane,  Chesterfield