Pain Relief

pain-reliefAcupuncture and Light Therapy laser treatments come highly recommended for pain, with their success stories attracting considerable media attention.

Acupuncture heals the body by stimulating specific points, which improve circulation by dilating the blood vessels. This circulates oxygen more efficiently around the body, which results in decreasing inflammation, stimulating the release of pain-relieving endorphins and enkephalins. Both of which have pain-relieving properties and improve immune function.

For many people, pain is temporary and they hope, with treatment, to help speed up recovery time, which is sometimes of essence, for example, with an upcoming holiday.

For others, pain may be a chronic condition that prevents the pursuit of a normal life. The advantage of using acupuncture and light therapy, is that there are no side effects.

Depending on the cause and severity of the pain, and the overall health of the patient, Juli will develop a treatment plan. She may also recommend some dietary additions. Because your body and health are different from other patients being treated, each treatment  is going to be different.

Some patients will leave their first treatment with reduced pain. For others the pain has lessened by the next day. Others don’t see a difference until their third or fourth session.

Initially, a course of 4-6 weekly treatments is best to allow the Acupuncture to work and experience positive changes. When providing you with a treatment plan your acupuncturist takes into consideration the length of time you’ve had the problem, the severity of your problem and, your response to the initial 3 or 4 acupuncture treatments.

Patients with chronic pain conditions may find a maintenance treatment every 4 or 6 weeks, keeps their pain manageable or at bay.

Longterm Pain & Panic Attacks

My wife and I found Juli Stewart following a successful couple of sessions on an Icelandic cruise, which led us to acupuncture. I suffer from pain ranging from medium to severe and panic episodes brought on by this and a series of traumatic operations. Juli has helped immensely and I can recommend this type of treatment without reservation.

Chris, Sittingbourne

Chronic Pain

I twisted my lower back about 15 years ago, went to an osteopath on and off for 4 years; I was in constant pain. I started having acupuncture with Juli and had a 4-week course, which took the pain away. The acupuncture does not cure a bad back but takes the pain away so you can get on with your life. I still go once a month to keep the back pain away.

Ian, Deal

My days were full of chronic pain where my ability to live a normal life was growing ever smaller. Juli, your acupuncture has changed my life totally. Now I make plans, and challenge myself knowing that if I am struggling you are there for me to call on, not only with your acupuncture but with all your advice and ability to listen. I now think of you not only as my acupuncturist but as my friend – Thank you!

Debbie, Deal

Neck Pain

I am 99% cured! Thank you so much. Why didn’t I come and see you earlier?

Yvonne, Manston

Lower Back Pain

It’s amazing! The relief is the same as when I have steroid injections.

Trish, Dover

Knee Pain

Juli, thanks so much for your excellent acupuncture treatment. My knee was back to normal within 2 or 3 days of the last session. New to this – it works!

Roger, Broadstairs

I was struggling with pain in a damaged knee, apart from waiting for an operation the NHS had done all they could! Juli was recommended by family so thought I would see if acupuncture could help, not keen at all on needles so a little apprehensive but should not have worried, Juli knows what she is doing and no pain involved thankfully! The treatment gradually reduced my discomfort and allowed me to drive to our pre-booked ski holiday and actually ski which was seriously in doubt before Juli’s treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Dave, Canterbury


I had suffered from headaches, every day, every hour for three months.  My first session with Juli was a successful but the headaches started to return. After the second and third sessions I was headache clear for nearly a week. Following the fourth and fifth sessions I was virtually clear for a month. The latest session has enabled me to be headache free.  During times of tension or over commitment there are signs of their returning, but I have been able to control their impact. Throughout this time Juli has been supportive, professional, and skilful.  I can only echo a previous contributor and say that I am planning to have regular sessions in the future. I am so grateful to be pain free.

Alan, Broadstairs