Therapeutic Eating

Juli offers consultations in her clinics or online for therapeutic eating. She will assess each person individually via an initial diagnosis and via studying their tongue. She will explain how foods work in common sense language and provide easy-to-follow additions and substitutions to you and your family’s everyday eating. The aim is to adjust your meal planning to improve current health conditions and immunity. She has studied with Andrew Sterman, author of Welcoming Food & Diet as Medicine for the Home Cook, who teaches food energetics classes in New York.

The foods we eat influence our health, whether we recognize it or not. The way we eat can help or hold us back. All of us could benefit from careful and specific uses of food, but most of us eat for enjoyment and reasonable health maintenance within a social, emotional or cultural context.

Therapeutic eating calls for a conscious selection of foods and methods, for specific goals, for example, to support fertility, reverse pre-diabetes, prevent hay-fever or migraines, support cancer recovery, etc.

Everyone’s food choices should be as individual as his or her feelings, dreams and aspirations. Meals should be different if a person is recovering from illness, getting ready for a job interview, trying to get pregnant, trying to lose weight, studying for an exam, trying to get rid of a cold or long covid.

When challenges arise, it is essential to reduce or eliminate foods that create or exacerbate the problem, or that prevent the problem from resolving. For example, sometimes the results of eating weekly hot chilli are delayed 20 years symptomatically, but stopping the habit may eradicate acid reflux. Regular iced coffees may lead to stomach cramps and diarrhoea or when gaining weight around the middle, maybe ask yourself if you are digesting life experiences. Perhaps this is a nudge to make changes, both in chosen foods and lifestyle, to move forward?

This is the time to look honestly at your food habits and reduce or eliminate those that support problems and begin eating for lively vitality.

Your tongue reflects your body’s condition and will tell Juli:
• how you are absorbing protein, carbs & fat
• how you are responding to challenges
• your dietary history

Case History

Patient with high blood pressure, digestive problems, frustration, and too easily bothered by small family issues.

Photo 1 Spring – Initial consultation

Photo 2 Autumn – 5 months later, having made recommended changes to his eating

Coat, originally in the central, crack-filled depression has spread outwards then disappeared.

Both vertical and horizonal cracks have improved.

Tongue generally appears healthier, illustrated by less digestive upset, happier and less irritable. Hoping to talk with his GP regarding blood pressure readings and a possible reduction in medication.


Just as in golf, the caddies ease the golfer’s way by taking the leaves and twigs off the path, Acupuncturists help their patients through their problems faster. Often what you eat can make the difference between a success or not in a course of Acupuncture treatment.