What people are saying…

Bramble Acupuncture is honoured to have received the following testimonials from past and present patients to share with potential ones:

Low Back Pain

I had lower back pain, originally caused by DIY. I felt I’d gained 20 years as I was in great discomfort, real genuine pain and couldn’t straighten up. After a sceptical visit to Juli, I came out of her clinic a different person. All the pain had gone! After a few more visits to top up and maintain the treatment, I now have very few problems with my back. If I hear anyone complaining of back pain, I give them Juli’s name and details.

  John, Sheffield

I twisted my lower back about 15 years ago, went to an osteopath on and off for 4 years; I was in constant pain. I began acupuncture with Juli and had a 4-week course, which took the pain away. The acupuncture does not cure a bad back but takes the pain away so you can get on with your life. I still go once a month to keep the back pain away -plus other aches and pains: knee, shoulder, face.

Ian, Deal

It’s amazing! The relief is the same as when I have steroid injections.

Trish, Dover


I was a little skeptical at first as to whether Acupuncture would work for me as I had been in a lot of pain and could barely walk for weeks. But from the first session within a couple of days the improvement was amazing and every session after! Many thanks – I will always recommend treatment to anybody with back problems.

    Steve, Margate

I started seeing Juli when I was about 6 months pregnant. I was suffering with a trapped nerve in my hip that was causing me such agony that I could barely move, and had to use crutches to walk. I had already been to the doctors and a physiotherapist to no avail. After one session with Juli, I noticed an immediate improvement. With each session, the pain lessened considerably and my mobility improved greatly. By the time I had the baby, I was able to walk without any aids. Because of Juli I was able to actually enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I could not recommend her enough.

     Natasha, Ramsgate

Morning Sickness

Juli gave me a successful course of acupuncture when I was suffering from sickness during my pregnancy.  We had a beautiful baby girl we have called Olivia.  She weighed in at 7llb 14oz so all my being sick didn’t affect her! I kept telling the midwives how good she was!

       Charlotte and Olivia, Nottinghamshire


I had sessions with Juli before becoming pregnant. I would really recommend acupuncture. I had my 14 week scan today and the baby is doing really well! I can’t thank Juli enough.

    Jen, Deal

I contacted Juli after hearing that acupuncture may aid conception and also alleviate symptoms of stress. I had been trying to conceive for 2 years and was finding it difficult to cope with my mum’s illness on top of that. Two months later Juli has not only helped me relax and introduced me to the wonders of meditation, I am now pregnant too. I will continue to see Juli whenever I feel things getting a little beyond me. Whatever she does with those needles, she does it wonderfully well!

          Jo, Broadstairs

I came to see Juli after a prolonged period of trying to conceive without success. I felt that I had tried everything and was losing hope. Juli was very easy to build rapport and feel comfortable with. She listened to what I had been through, and what I wanted to achieve. We arranged a program and after my first session I cannot describe just how relaxed and refreshed I felt. That night I had the best sleep I had had in a very long time, and as luck would have it my husband and I fell pregnant the following week. I truly feel that my first session brought my body to a place of calm where falling pregnant became possible, I was overjoyed. I continued to see Juli who helped me with my nausea and tiredness. I know that I will see her again in the future, and cannot recommend her enough.

  Elaine, Ramsgate

I started treatment with Juli just before my first round of IVF. I found the whole experience hugely beneficial and relaxing. I attribute her acupuncture to my subsequent   successful pregnancy and birth. I could not recommend her services highly enough.

           Anna, Broadstairs

Anxiety & Stress

Since my first appointment with Juli, I feel like a different person and am now able to handle stressful situations without feeling anxious. I cannot recommend Juli enough. She has really changed my life!

              Aimee, Deal

Acupuncture has been so beneficial to me. I was under a lot of stress and suffered from anxiety and Juli has been a real star listening to me. She has helped me greatly to find a balance in my everyday life. I would highly recommend Juli to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.

              Marie, Broadstairs

Juli has really helped me through some very emotional times and also through all sorts of minor illnesses, ailments etc. I was not sure whether acupuncture was the right thing for me but soon discovered that it is and have been seeing Juli regularly for the last four years. I find that through the acupuncture I can relax which in turn, helps me deal with whatever life is throwing at me. It is not at all painful (and I had a phobia of needles but not anymore!) and you can really feel the benefit. For example, I had some back pain and Juli did some laser treatment on it. I can honestly say that I could feel the discomfort melt away. The laser is fantastic. Juli is very professional in her approach and is always willing to listen, the more you open up to her, the more she’ll be able to help. My husband, has also been treated by Juli for various things and we both have no hesitation in recommending her – she is a star!

            Annette, Derby

I had acupuncture here with Juli Stewart, to help support my anxiety and panic attacks. I cannot recommend her and acupuncture enough, it was a great support to me, very relaxing and calming and Juli is great at was she does. Thank you. Also all the staff at the Willow Centre are lovely.

Maria, Broadstairs

I just wanted to says thank for the help you’ve given me. I had such a good holiday in September because I didn’t feel ill.

Sandra, Canterbury


I had been suffering with Meniere’s for some years and it wasn’t until I decided to try acupuncture with Juli that I realised how beneficial acupuncture can be. Within a few weeks my symptoms had subsided significantly and my energy levels have risen.  I feel re-invigorated thanks to Juli.

          Christina, Clifftonville


Having gone through two years of treatment for IBS, taking tablets on a daily basis and with little success, I decided to try Acupuncture. My first session with Juli was such a success I decided to stop taking my medication by the end of the first week. I could not believe that after four sessions my life had changed so much for the better. Juli has advised me on
food to avoid and food to include in my diet. I intend to have Acupuncture with Juli on a regular basis as I always feel so relaxed after each session.

Bernadette, Broadstairs


I came to see Juli after having a large DVT in my leg. I was suffering from low energy and generally feeling low in myself. I immediately felt comfortable with Juli, who gave me hope that I could get myself back to normal. After just a few weeks, I felt a lot brighter. After reducing the frequency of my sessions, I still managed to stay on top. I have been very happy with the treatment I received and I would recommend it.

       Sophie, Dover

Acid Reflux

Having had acid reflux for about 5 years, I had a course of Acupuncture as a last resort, having tried many other things. After 5 treatments I felt so different. I continue to have Acupuncture on a preventative basis once a month.

          Imelda, Deal

Neck Pain

Juli made me feel very welcome and at ease. The treatment was painless and worked well to relieve my neck pain. The practice was very comfortable and well presented. I would not hesitate to recommend Juli to my friends and have done already.

         Matt, Sheffield

I am 99% cured! Thank you so much. Why didn’t I come and see you earlier?

Yvonne, Manston

Frozen Shoulder

I’m very grateful. Juli’s concentrated acupuncture sessions changed my life. I am now able to move my arm, shoulder and neck without pain, therefore removing all necessity for painkillers and enabling me to live a full and active life once more.

         Pat, Derbyshire

After a couple of months living with pain and limited mobility of a Frozen Shoulder, I decided to give acupuncture a try. Juli put me at ease from the first session, we had a laugh, the process didn’t hurt and after only a couple of sessions I could feel some improvement. I had six sessions in all, and I’m now glad to say I’ve regained full movement in my arm, and the really nagging pain I was putting up with has majorly subsided. If I get anything of a similar nature in future I’ll be straight on the phone to her, and I’ve already recommended her practice to a couple of my friends.

                Ray, Sheppey


Juli’s treatment came at a very difficult time for me, whilst awaiting major surgery. It helped me enormously; my sleep improved and it enhanced my over all sense of wellbeing and made me calmer. Juli is a lovely kind lady and I am so grateful to her for her help at this extremely stressful time.

                Sarah, Kingsdown Nr Deal

Panic Attacks

My wife and I found Juli Stewart following a successful couple of sessions on an Icelandic cruise, which led us to acupuncture. I suffer from pain ranging from medium to severe and panic episodes brought on by this and a series of traumatic operations. Juli has helped immensely and I can recommend this type of treatment without reservation.

                 Chris, Sittingbourne

I was a bit of a wreck when I first went to Juli. I was suffering with a “funny head” and panic attacks. My experience has been so positive, I only wish I had come years ago!

                   Rita, Sheffield

Chronic Pain

My days were full of chronic pain where my ability to live a normal life was growing ever smaller.  Juli, your acupuncture has changed my life totally.  Now I make plans, and challenge myself knowing that if I am struggling you are there for me to call on, not only with your acupuncture but with all your advice and ability to listen.  I now think of you not only as my acupuncturist but as my friend – Thankyou!

                   Debbie, Deal


Just a quick to note to say thank you for all your help. No recurrence of migraine, overall stress levels are ok considering the house move and that we both now have Covid 🙄 .

Jacqui, Broadstairs

Acupuncture treatment has been successful for my migraines. I had four weekly sessions, four fortnightly, followed by monthly maintenance. It’s important that I feel comfortable and therapist Juli is friendly, empathetic and totally professional and I thoroughly recommend her.

              Jane, Chesterfield

Main complaints were migraines with vomiting, cervical spine pain, lower back pain with sciatica and vertigo. I had previously tried NHS and chiropractic treatment with very little help so finally decided to try acupuncture and found Juli. She was a good listener and caring, and treated each condition as they occurred with great results. I was sorry to have to leave her behind when we moved to Norfolk and am now on the search for someone with the same skills she possesses.

                Janet, Sittingbourne

Crohns Disease

I am happy to give a personal recommendation to any sufferer of Crohns regarding acupuncture treatment with Juli for this. I find it extremely beneficial.

              Pete, Derbyshire

Menopausal Symptoms

When I first went for acupuncture, I was having hot flushes and waking at night every couple of hours, throwing the covers off and then getting cold. It was so tiresome. I also had a pain after a tooth extraction, which Juli treated and that is fine now as well.

            Sandra, Derbyshire


I have received excellent treatment from Juli over the last 2 years, my symptoms are kept at bay by monthly treatments. Juli is easy to confide in and shows much empathy with her patient’s problems, I fully recommend her.

               Jill, Margate.

Allergies/Immune Issues

Since being treated for my sinusitis and allergies by Juli I have felt a balancing and increase in well-being. She is a wonderful practitioner.

              Clare, Sheffield


Juli is professional & friendly and I always find her treatments very effective.

              Meryl Canterbury

Knee Pain & Stress

I’ve always found Juli easy to be around; she has a good sense of humour and has helped me greatly with my many ailments. The laser treatment has been very effective on my knees. Acupuncture is not painful with Juli and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stressed out.

             Catrina, Sittingbourne


I have been a patient for some years and have always been very happy with my treatment, both acupuncture and Light Therapy. I suffer with pain, especially backaches and headaches due to Fibromyalgia and although initially reluctant to experience Light Therapy, have found this very beneficial, especially for my knees. I was amazed as I felt the difference immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend Juli.

             Joan, Derbyshire

My acupuncture sessions with Juli have massively helped to lessen my fibromyalgia symptoms and improve my wellbeing. The relief for me was immediate. I definitely recommend Juli’s therapy and professionalism.

Wanda, Ramsgate

Chronic Fatigue

Firstly, Juli makes Acupuncture feel like having a spa chill-out, so relaxing and it does not hurt. Secondly she has over come so many aliments in the last year for me, my life is back to normal. I cannot praise this lady enough. Miracle worker.

Sue, Broadstairs


Juli is not only a very professional and competent therapist but her holistic approach and personable manner make her treatments a very client centered experience.  I would recommend her highly. Her wealth of experience in acupuncture is evident in her sensitive and effective treatments and my arthritic knee pain really benefitted from the Cold Laser Light Therapy.  The meditation tapes played during therapy are a wonderful bonus.

             Yvonne, Broadstairs

Shingles Pain

I rang Juli out of desperation as despite suffering from many other conditions, the pain I had from Shingles was so severe I could not cope. She fitted me in and used a technique called Plum Blossum needling and suggested 4 sessions. The relief I had from my first session was unbelievable, all that remained was a slight tingling. After the next session that went too so I did not need any more treatments! I would not hesitate to go back for Acupuncture if I needed to.

               Jeanette, Sheppey

I had acupuncture for pain caused by shingles. It helped beyond all expectations. I found Juli very considerate, sympathetic and professional. Everyone at the practice was brilliant and I would recommend the treatment and service to anyone.

                 Les, Ramsgate

Facial Neuralgia Pain

Thank you so much Juli for helping me with my facial pain. I was totally new to acupuncture and have been surprised by the results which have meant I no longer have to rely on prescription painkillers. You will be my first port of call if I need further help.

                  Julie, Broadstairs

Pain Management M.S.

I have found Acupuncture invaluable in pain management, especially of disk disintegration; It has kept my symptoms under control. Juli is an approachable therapist, who always has a smile to greet her patients.

                  Colin, Canterbury

Having never experienced acupuncture before I booked a trial session and didn’t have any expectations.  Juli took the time to listen to my medical needs and problem areas and made me feel completely at ease. The treatments leave me feeling relaxed and are gradually helping to relieve some of my MS symptoms.

            Nicola, Canterbury

Bladder Frequency

I would recommend Juli’s Acupuncture treatments and helpful advice to anyone. I always felt good after my treatment!

                   Shirley, Broadstairs

Gait Disorder

Following the removal of a benign brain tumour. I was left with a gait disorder, and could only walk with the aid of a walking stick. Within weeks of meeting Juli, I was able to walk without my stick, and my headaches were gone. My balance was cured by 99 percent! Acupuncture is the way forward.

                   Caroline, Scotland


Good news all round for me! I have gone more than a couple of weeks without any major itching problem.
Still have to scratch on and off, but no sleepless nights and comfortable all day most days. I am very grateful for your professional input and am sure that you and your techniques have been successful in alleviating my itch problem.

Phil, Broadstairs


A big ‘Thank You’ for helping me with my very painful problem – ‘Costocondritis’ The only help I had was to take very strong painkillers and even they were not working in the end. It was too painful to lie down or sleep and now like ‘magic’- I am free from pain.
Virginia, Broadstairs

Restless Legs

I don’t think I shall need the treatment session we have booked as my legs are doing very well. So much better now, thank you. Sleeping well too! Something I rarely did before. Thank you for that!

Eve Birchington